Sigrid Dyekjær wins an award

Sigrid Dyekjær received the speciel IB award 2015 at the annual Danish Film Academy Award. The award is given for outstanding Production of Theatrical Motion Pictures.

The award was given on the basis of the following:

–       The whole world is her playing field. She brings the greatest stories from the world home to Danish documentary, and likewise the best of Danish documentary out into the world

–       She sees possibilities rather than limitations and is not afraid to fight film-political battles

–       She fights tirelessly to make money to put on the screen and she is constantly trying to change the subsidy systems so the best possible films make it to the international market

–       She is persistently on a journey to find financial aid and in search of future financing and distribution

–       As the award committee further notes, on Sigrid’s website it states: “In my world there are no great stories – only great directors.”

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