Sigrid Dyekjær

Founding Producer

"In my world, there are no great stories ‚Äď only great directors!"


Producer Sigrid Dyekj√¶r has produced over 20 documentary films during the last 16 years. Amongst them "Ai Weiwei ‚Äď The Fake Case" by Andreas Johnsen (recent winner of the film critics‚Äô award in Denmark, the Bodil, and nominee at IDFA‚Äôs feature length competition in 2013). She also produced "Free the Mind" by Phie Ambo, "A Normal Life" by Mikala Krogh (winner of the Audience Award at CPH:DOX), was executive producer on "Ballroom Dancer" (winner of Nordic Panorama 2012, and Best Documentary Film at¬†Raindance 2012 [UK], and opened Taiwan Film Festival). Additionally "The Good Life", "The Monastery", "Mechanical Love" and "Cairo Garbage".
Sigrid is one of the most¬†experienced producers in Denmark when it comes to financing and production of both¬†national and international documentary films. In 2015 she was awarded with The Ib Award. An award given by the Danish directors to honor the best producer in the Danish film industry. Sigrid teaches at the National Film School of¬†Denmark and at DOK Incubator, an initiative supported by Media, and she also holds¬†master class lectures at film schools around the world and courses in documentary¬†filmmaking like ‚ÄúBridging the Gap‚ÄĚ.¬†In 2014 she produced both Mikala Krogh‚Äôs film¬†‚ÄúThe Newsroom - Off The Record‚ÄĚ about the insides of a major Danish newspaper, and Oscar-nominee¬†Hanna Polak‚Äôs ‚ÄúSomething Better To Come‚ÄĚ. For this she was nominated at The Producers Guild of America Awards 2016 for Outstanding Producer of Documentary. Sigrid is now a member of The Producers Guild of America.


- 2016 -
Bugs by Andreas Johnsen

- 2015 -
Man Falling by Anne Wivel

- 2014 -
The Castle by Eva Mulvad.
Ekstra Bladet - Uden For Citat by Mikala Krogh
Something Better To Come by Hanna Polak

- 2013-
Ai Wei Wei - The Fake Case by Andreas Johnsen

- 2012 -
A Normal Life by Mikala Krogh
Free The Mind by Phie Ambo
I Am Breathing by Emma Davie and Moreg Mckinnon
The Bailiff by Phie Ambo

- 2011 -
Ballroom Dancer by Andreas Koefoed & Christian Bonke
Love Addict by Pernille Rose Gr√łnkj√¶r.

- 2010 -
The Good Life by Eva Mulvad
The Homefront by  Phie Ambo.

- 2009 -
Cairo Garbage / Cities on Speed by  Mikala Krogh.

- 2008 -
Everything is relative by Mikala Krogh.

- 2007 -
Mechanical Love by Phie Ambo.

- 2006 -
The Monastery by Pernille Rose Gr√łnkj√¶r.

- 2005 -
Gambler, The Million Dollar Headache by Phie Ambo.


Something Better To Come by Hanna Polak
Best Documentary Price, Trieste Film Festival (2015)
Special Omtale, Internationale Jury, ZagrebDox (2015)
Ungdoms Juryens Pris, Forum on Human Rights (2015)
Jury price for Best International Documentary, Oslo EuroDoc Film Festival (2015)
2nd Prize for Best Documentary, Madrid, Documenta Madrid (2015)
VIKTOR Main Competition International Doc,¬†M√ľnchen Documentary Festival (2015)
Millenium Award for Bedste dokumentarfilm, Warszawa, Planete Doc Review (2015)
Special Mention, Brussels One World International Human Rights Festival (2015)
Special Mention, Warszawa, Planete Doc Review (2015)
Best International Feature Award, Auckland, Documentary Edge Festival (2015)
Det estoniske folks pris, Anthropology Film Festival Pärnu (2015)
Best Documentary Award, Valletta Film Festival (2015)
Audience Award, Bremen, Favourites Film Festival (2015)
Speciel Jury Pris Internationel Dokumentar, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (2015)
Ungdoms Jury Prisen, Nuremberg, International Human Rights Film Festival (2015)
Hovedpris - Dokumentarfilm, Miskolc, James CineFest International Film Festival (2015)
Best Cinematography, Gdansk DocFilm Festival (2015)
Best Documentary Award, Valetta Film Festival (2015)
Small Mirror of Art DocFest, Moscow, Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival (2015)
Special Adward Club 418 Mirror of Art DocFest, Moscow, Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival (2015)
Special Mention, Podgorica, Underhill Int. Film Festival (2015)
Berlins Favorit Pris, Berlin Favourites Film Festival (2015)
Special Jury Award, Amsterdam, IDFA (2014)
Grand Prix, Moscow, ArtDocFest (2014)

Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case by Andreas Johnsen
Film Critics Award for Best Documentary (2014)

I Am Breathing by Emma Davie and Morag McKinnon
Best documentary at Riverrun International Film Festival (2013)
Nominated for Best Singe Documentary at BAFTA Awards, Scotland (2013)

Ballroom Dancer
by Andreas Koefoed and Christian Bonke
Special Jury Mention at Tribeca Film Festival in 2012
Special Mention at Planete Doc in 2012
Best Nordic Documentary at Nordic Panorama (2012)
Innovation Award at Rhode Island International Film Festival (2012)

A Normal Life by Mikala Krogh
Winner of the Audience Award at CPH:DOX (2012)

The Good Life by Eva Mulvad
Best documentary at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2011)
Doc Alliance Award (2011)

The Monastery ‚Äď Mr. Vig and the Nun¬†
by Pernille Rose Gr√łnkj√¶r
1st Price - Best International Feature,Cinema Eye Award, New York (US).
1st Price - Best Documentary, Bodil Awards (Denmark)
1st Price - Full Frame Grand Jury Award, Full Frame Festival, Durham (US)
1st Price - The Charles E. Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award, Full Frame Festival,
Durham 1st Price - Chicago Doc Grand Prix, Chicago International Doc Festival (US)1st
Price - Millennium Award, Planete Doc Review Film Festival (Poland)
1st Price - The Kino magazine Award, Planete Doc Review Film Festival (Poland)
1st Price - Canvas Award, Docville Film Festival (Belgium)
1st Price - FIPRESCI Award for Best Documentary, Sydney Film Festival (Australia)
1st Price - Audience Award, Moscow International Film Festival (Russia)
1st Price - The Joris Ivens Award, IDFA, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Jury’s Special Mention - Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK)
Honour Mention, It's All True - 12th International Doc Festival (Brazil)
Special Mention - CPH:DOX International Documentary Festival (Denmark)

Fever by Phie Ambo
Selected Festivals: CPH:DOX, Odense International Film Festival (OFF), FUTURE SHORTS DK, Danish Art Museum, ARoS, Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Sweden

Mechanical Love  by Phie Ambo
Selected Festivals: CPH.DOX, Doc Point, Helsinki, Amsterdam International Documentary Festival, Hot Docs, Toronto, Silverdocs, Washington, Los Angeles Filmfestival, Munchen International Filmfestival, Nordic Panorama, Awards: Internet Audience Award, Planete Doc. Warsaw, Nominations: Cinema Eye Honor, New York, Gulddok, Copenhagen

Beth's Diary by Mikala Krogh and Kent Klich
Special Mention at Nordic Panorama 2006.
First Prize "Gulddok" for Best Documentary 2006.

Gambler - The Million Dollar Headache
by Phie Ambo
Steen Baadsgårds Award
Festivals: CPH.DOX, G√łteborg filmfestival, Nordic Presentation, Rotterdam filmfestival, Seattle International filmfestival, Taiwan Golden Horse International Film Festival etc.