Sidsel L√łnvig Siersted


‚ÄúThe cameraman‚Äôs camera should have behind its lens the eye of a poet.‚ÄĚ

- Welles.


Sidsel L√łnvig Siersted (1982) has worked professionally with the production of TV, digital media, documentaries and documentary series for ten years. Sidsel works closely with renowned Danish producer Sigrid Dyekj√¶r and is the producer of the films ‚ÄėA Different Kind of Boy‚Äô (Wivel, 2013) and ‚ÄėNatural Disorder‚Äô (S√łnderby Jepsen, 2015).¬†Before joining Danish Documentary Sidsel worked for DR, Aller Press, Barok Film, Bezzo Film, Upfront Films and Guldbrandsen Film. During her time with Barok Film she was involved in Anne Wivel‚Äôs cinema hit Svend as well as a number of internationally acclaimed documentary films. Sidsel holds a master of Fine Arts in Film & Media Science from University of Copenhagen and University of California, Santa Barbara.


Natural Disorder (Christian S√łnderby Jepsen, 2015)
A Different Kind of Boy (Ulrik, Wivel, documentary, 2013)
The Miracle at Entoto (dir., documentary, 2008)
The Comet fra Kabul (dir., documentary, 2008)

Line Producer
Man Falling 
(Anne Regitze Wivel, 2015)

Associate producer
Miniyamba (Luc Perez, animation, 2013)

Assisting Producer
Something Better to Come (Hanna Polak, 2014)
The Newsroom - Off the record (Mikala Krogh, 2014)
Good Things Await (Phie Ambo, 2014)
Svend (Anne Regitze Wivel, 2012)
Tank City (Boris Bertram, 2010)
Kim (Morten Meldgaard, 2010)

Production Manager
Democrats (Camilla Nielsson, 2014)
Stealing Africa (Christoffer Guldbrandsen, 2012)
Modern Farmers (4 documentary episodes for DR, 2010)