Maja Bugge

Post-production Coordinator


Maja Bugge is our avid savvy in-house go-to-person assisting all productions in post. She holds a BA in communications- and cultural encounters from Roskilde University and a MA in Media Studies from the New School in New York. Specializing in documentary film production through her Masters, she has independently produced a feature-length documentary "About Men" (2013) and a short documentary "Gypsi I Will Die" (2015). Over the past five years, Maja has been freelancing in the US and Denmark as assistant editor, editor, camera assistant and production assistent in various communications-, TV- and film companies alongside working on her independent documentary projects. 


2015, Gypsi I Will Die, documentary film, 30 min.
2013, About Men, documentary film, 73 min.

2016, Blood, Sweat and Dirty Diapers, web series/Everyday Project

Assistant Editor
2016, I am Because You Are, documentary film by Jon Bang Carlsen, 81 min.
2015, Sunflower, documentary film by Nastasha Drobnica (in production)
2015, War Dance, documentary film by Marie Brobakke, 45 min.