Jonas Bruun

Production Assistant

"Documentary films are seen by most people to portray an objective kind of reality - that gives it an intense power to transform and play with what we consider true and factual - That’s why I wanna work in this industry!"


When away from Danish Documentary Production, Jonas is a student of
Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen and is doing the internship as part of his education. He takes great interest in documentary film as a form of representation and a catalyst for political change and, and further he is interested in the ways documentary film can convey various forms of reality.


Little white lies Short film for the soundtrackless film festival 60 Seconds (2014)

Undocumented & Unafraid Short documentary about undocumented immigrants studying at the University of Texas at Austin. (2013)

Bushwick Gentrified Short documentary on gentrification in a New York
neighborhood told through the stories of its residents. (2012)