Max Kestner


"I direct documentary film. That’s what I do. That means that I work in a world, where a lot of people don’t approve of those who treat the truth as if it were their own. But I’m one of those people. I’m one of those people who think that the truth is mine."


Max Kestner graduated as a documentary film director from the National Film School of Denmark in 1997. Since then he has gone on to be a lecturer there as well. He has also worked for DR TV, where he made "Partiet"/"The Party" (2000) and "Supergeil" (1997- 1998). Furthermore he has made "Max by chance" in 2004, which was chosen for First Appearance at IDFA Amsterdam and received a GuldDok for Best Short Documentary at CPH:DOX, 2004.

His "The World in Denmark" from 2007 received a Danish Robert for Best Short Film. He has made several feature length documentaries in Denmark.


Queada (2017)
Amateurs in Space (2016)
I Am Fiction (2012)
Copenhagen Dreams (2009)
The World in Denmark (2007)
Blue Collar, White Christmas (2004)
Max by chance (2004)
The Party (2000)
Supergeil (1997- 1998).


Copenhagen Dreams 
Best Documentary at Beijing International Film Festival in 2011

The World in Denmark
Robert for Best Short Documentary for  in 2008

Blue Collar, White Christmas
Special Jury Prize at the Robert Awards in 2005
Special Prize of the Jury at Odense International Film Festival in 2004

Max by Chance 
Viewfinders Award for Best Documentary in 2005