Jørgen Leth



Director, journalist, author and bicycle sport commentator.
Born 14/6 1937.
Raised in Aarhus where he was an active cyclist and table tennis player.
Student from Marselisborg Gymnasium 1957. Then studied literature history in Aarhus and ethnography in Copenhagen.
Started working as a journalist and critic in 1959 (jazz and film), first at Aktuelt and from 1964 on Politiken. Wrote sports and travel portraits, and reviewed the first Beatles concert in Denmark.

Debuted as poet with the collection "Gult lys" (1962).
Has since published a large number of books: poetry and essay collections, two books about Haiti (where Leth has lived since 1991), a book about bicycle sports, "Den gule trøje i de høje bjerge. Beretning om Tour de France" as well as the well known book "Det uperfekte menneske "(2006) and the sequel "Guldet på havets bund "(2007).

Film debuted with a portrait of the jazz pianist Bud Powell, "Stopforbud" (1963). Be a key figure in the experimental documentary movie environment in the 60's. He made films in collaboration with Ole John and founded together with, among others, Per Kirkeby the film collective ABCinema.
Leth's documentary film is sensual, personal and influenced by the instructor's sense of timing and rhythm.


A selected view:

Pelota II (2015)
Jeg taler til jer - John Kørners verden ( 2013)
Det erotiske menneske  (2010)
Drømmere ( 2002)
Haiti. Uden titel ( 1995)
Michael Laudrup - en fodboldspiller ( 1993)
Traberg (1992)
Notater om kærligheden (1989)
Notater fra Kina ( 1987)
Det legende menneske ( 1986)
Pelota ( 1983)
En forårsdag i Helvede (1977)