Anne Regitze Wivel


"It’s not at all hard for me to find the desire to make a film. The desire – like the desire to write a poem - quite often comes from a single impression that gives you a strange, but certain hint that an entire movie is hidden somewhere in that one expression."


Anne Wivel is a true glitterati in the Danish film industry known both for her work as a producer and as a documentary director. She initially educated herself as a painter from the Danish Royal Academy of the Arts, but went on to graduate from the National Film School of Denmark. She has won her high esteem through a long line of award-winning documentaries, mainly of feature length. Amongst others, she has received the Nordiska Filmpriset, several international awards, Robert-awards and also the prestigious Roos-award. She is co-founder of Barok Film and is the artistic manager of the company. Her most recent film, Svend was a hit seen by thousands in the Danish cinemas. In 2015 she finished her work on a film about world-renowned artist Per Kirkeby, Man Falling.



Mand Falder (2015)
Svend (2011)
The Land of Human Beings – my film about Greenland (2006)
Madman, lover or poet (2005)
Slottet i Italien (2000)
Johannes’ Hjerte (1998)
Danish Girls Show Everything (1996)
Søren Kierkegaard (1994)
Giselle (1991)
David or Goliath (1988)
Ansigt til Ansigt (1987)
Den lille pige med skøjterne (1985)
De tavse piger (1985)
Gorilla Gorilla (1983)
Motivation (1983)


Tankograd (2010)
Kim – a film about war and love (2009)
The scent of Beirut (2007)
Someone like you (2007)
What We See (2006)
At tegne (2006)
The Mind of my father (2005)
Peter Laugesen – fire stemmer (2004)
Silk Road (2004)
Rukov (2004)
Glistrup (2001)


Tankograd, Best Feature Length Documentary at Moscow ArtDocFest (2010)
Someone Like You, Grand Prix for Best Danish film at Odense Int. Film Festival (2007)
Menneskenes Land – min film om Grønland Best Feature Length Documentary at the Robert Awards for  in 2007