Andreas Johnsen


I’m a very curious person. I want to investigate things for my own satisfaction.


Director, producer and owner of Rosforth, Andreas Johnsen has a sharp eye and a big heart for subcultures. He points his camera to the underground, looking at what moves and grooves at the verge of the norms of society and often also on the edge of the law. He has a genuine interest in people and music, and has a natural bonding with individuals who confront the establishment. Where the more conservative might picture what goes on at the surface, where the problems and the results of actions are vivid, Andreas Johnsen locates what takes place below the surface, where the problems are battled or seeded and where ‘real people’ live. The director himself is not one weighed down by authoritarianism either, and behind the camera he is often as brave as the rebels and freedom seekers he portrays.
Andreas Johnsen has made a number of documentaries as both a director and a producer since 2002. His films have been shown around the world on many festivals and on television in Denmark and abroad. His film ‘Ai Weiwei – The Fake Case’ was nominated at IDFA’s “Feature Length Competition”, nominated in Berlin 2014 at Cinema for Peace Awards and won the Danish Film Critics Award 2014. The film has furthermore been selected for over 15 film festivals, been sold to BBC and 7 other territories.
In April 2016 his latest film BUGS had premiere at Tribeca Film Festival.


Bugs (2016)
Ai Weiwei – The Fake Case (2013)
Kidd Life (2012)
A Kind of Paradise (2011)
Catch This Moment (2011)
Afrika Under Overfladen (2010)
MURDER (2009)
Natasja (2008)
Rub-A-Dub (2008)
Man Ooman (Man Woman) (2007)
Good Copy Bad Copy (2007)
Curtain Raising (2006)
Inside Outside (2005)
Mr Catra The Faithful (2004)


Film Critics Award 2014 for Best Documentary with Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case.
Special mention at Danish Music Awards 2012 for Kidd Life
Special mention at CPH:DOX sound & vision for Kidd Life 2012

Best music documentary Soundtrack Cologne for Kidd Life 2013
Best music documentary Brussels Film Festival for Kidd Life 2013
Nominated for Bodil Award for best Documentary for Kidd Life 2013

Natasja - Special Mention, 24th Odense International Film Festival 2009
Audience Award at 21st Odense International Film Festival 2006 for Inside Outside
GuldDok (debut award) in 2005 for Mr Catra The Faithful