Alina Rudnitskaya



Film director and producer.
She was born in 1976.
Alina Rudnitskaya has been directing documentaries since 2002.
Two times Winner of the Lavr Russian National Award and the White Elephant award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics. Her works has been shown worldwide and won numerous prizes at festivals such as Leipzig, Madrid, Oberhausen, Toronto, Zagreb, Berlin, Belgrade, Moscow and St.Petersburg.
Rudnitskaya's documentaries always have a characteristic original perspective; she is interested not only in depicting the facts of life but also in exploring the internal worlds of her characters.
She succeeds in painting a vivid image of modern man while maintaining a very personal and humanistic approach to each one of her stories, and the vivid visuals of her films set her works apart from many others.
She lives and works in St.Petersburg. Currently, she is working on a new film and is full of new ideas for future work.
Since 2011 She is working as associate professor of St.Petersburg
State University of Cinema and Television.


Katastrofa (2016)

Victory day (2014)

Blood (2013)

I Will Forget This Day (2011)

Bitch Academy (2008)

Besame Mucho (2006)

Civil Status (2005)

Tatu (2004)

Amazons (2003)

Communal Residence (2002)


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