A Year Of Hope

by Mikala Krogh

"School of Life" is about a group of Filipino street boys who are offered a new life at a center on a little island south of Manila. But after just one year in Paradise the boys are reunited with their families and return to the harsh reality. The film explores whether it is possible for the street boys to alter the course of their lives after having gained new insight and experienced paradise, or whether an everyday life marked by poverty and need will send them back to square one. "School of life" is a film about chance and destiny, about being among the select few, about hope and shattered dreams.
The film unfolds in three tenses: the Past, the Present and the Future, crosscutting between the three.


Release date: 2017
English Title: A Year Of Hope
Length : 80 minutes
Director: Mikala Krogh
Producer: Sigrid Dyekjær