Mikala Krogh

Founding Director

"I collect unique moments where reality surpasses fiction. Life is complex. I try to keep that complexity in my documentaries, which deals with everything from garbage in Cairo, to US soldiers leaving for Iraq or child cancer in Denmark. The common denominator for my films is the human capacity to survive."


Having started her career very early in life, documentary director Mikala Krogh (born 1973) is already an institution within Danish documentary filmmaking. When graduating from The Danish Film School as a documentary director in 2001, Mikala Krogh had already worked with Danish documentary's grand old man Jørgen Leth on his classic, "Haiti: Untitled" and produced a number of radio programs for Danish Radio P4. Mikala Krogh’s style of filmmaking is distinct and original and her topics often serious. Krogh is never afraid of making films that matter, working with topics such as child cancer, pollution and overpopulation, nazi guild and forgiveness, prostitution and drug dealing. Her extensive filmography already counts a number of national and international hits, including "A Year og Hope" (2017), "The Newsroom - of the Record" (2014), "A normal life"(2012), Cities on Speed: Cairo/Garbage (2009), Everything is Relative (2008), Beth's Diary (2006) and My Grandfather's Murderer (2004).


A Year of Hope (2017)
The Newsroom – Off the Record / Ekstra Bladet – Uden for Citat (2014)
A Normal Life ( 2012)
Me and My Twin (2011)
Cairo Garbage – Cities on Speed (2009)
Everything is relative (2008) Beth's Diary (2006)
Are We In a Hurry, Mum? (2004)
My Grandfather's Murderer (2004)
Kvartermesteren (2003)
My Father's Choice (2002)
Indretninger I Hukommelsen (2002)
Detour to Freedom (2001)
Fish out of Water(2000)
Vi Fik Liv Tilbage (1994)


"The Newsroom - of the record"
Best documentary  2015  (Årtes TV-pris)

A Normal Life
Winner of the Audience Award at CPH:DOX 2012.

Beth's Diary
Special Mention at Nordic Panorama 2006. First Prize "Gulddok" for Best Documentary.

My Grandfather's Murderer
Fipa D’or Grand Prize in Biarritz 2005 Winner at Sevilla International Film Festival 2005.

Detour To Freedom
Nominated for Prix Europa 2002, International Filmfestival in Creátel 2003.

Fish out Of Water
Winner of the jury's Special award at See Docs i Dubrovnik 2001. Selected for the International ECO-ETNO-FOLK Film Festival”  2002 Slatioara, Romania.