Amateurs in Space on winter festivals 2017

Amateurs in Space is about a two friends dreaming of the impossible: they want to leave the planet in a homebuild spacerocket. It’s an inspiring film about do-it-yourself and entrepreneurship from scratch. It had its world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA in 2016 and can be seen at the following festivals for the rest of 2017:

Mexico City, Mexico: 12th – 21st October
DocsDF – Mexico International Documentary Film Festival

Cambridge, United Kingdom: 19th – 26th October
Cambridge Film Festival

Moscow, Russia: 20th – 29th October
360 Science & Technology Film Festival

Trieste, Italy: 31st October – 5th November
Trieste Science+Fiction Festival

Netherlands:  8th – 12th November
InScience – Dutch International Science Film Festival

Tehran, Iran: 10th – 17th December
Cinema Verite – Iran International Documentary Film

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